Project Name Type Genre Role Datesort icon Body Credit Image
PIGS Short film thriller Composer 2016-10

Directed by James Ashcroft

Wellingtopia Short film Horror/comedy Composer 2016-09

Directed by Matasila Freshwater

Doubt: The Scott Watson Case Television Docu-drama Composer 2016-07

Directed/produced by Yvonne MacKay

One Thousand Ropes Feature film Drama Orchestrator/conductor 2016-05

Music composed by Tim Prebble, directed by Tusi Tamasese

The World In Your Window Short film drama Co-composer 2016-01

Directed by Zoe McIntosh and co-composed with Rhian Sheehan

Let Down Your Hair Short film Psychological horror Composer 2015-10

Directed by James Ashcroft

Shmeat Short film Animation Composer 2015-09

Directed by Matasila Freshwater

Gina Documentary Medical Composer 2015-06

Directed by Wendell Cook

Suck it Up Short film Comedy Music Editor 2015-06

Music composed by Stephan Prock; Directed by Jordan Beresford

We Are Stars Documentary Planetarium film Orchestrator/Conductor 2015-05

Music by Rhian Sheehan

Unit 6 Short film Drama Composer 2014-10

Written and directed by Jane Sherning Warren

When We Go To War TV Series Drama Music Prep. Supervisor 2014-10

Music by Tom McLeod

The Ground We Won Documentary Documentary Music Preparation 2014-10

Music by David Long

Loner Short film Comedy Composer 2014-09

Directed by Wendell Cooke

Osmonde Short film Drama Composer 2014-03

Written and directed by Elsa Bauverd

Snowmen Short film Comedy Composer 2014-02

Directed by Jonathan Brough

The Space Trash Men Short film Comedy Composer 2013-09

Directed by Ben Childs

Back to the Moon: For Good Documentary Planetarium film Orchestrator/Conductor 2013-09

Music composed by Rhian Sheehan.
Film produced by Robert K. Weiss.

Beyond the Edge Feature Film Docu-drama Orchestrator 2013-08

Music composed by David Long
Directed by Leeanne Pooley

A Boy's Tale Short film Drama Composer 2013-08

Written and directed by Jame Cork